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PASELEC Folding Bike PX6 is fashionable with exquisite design, equipped with snow fat tires, allowing you to explore the world freely.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Purchase

I bought this bike back in October 2021. When it arrived It had a banged up rear derailleur and no tools to tighten anything up; unfortunately I could not ride it out the box. These issues were resolved immediately by the company and they paid for the labor when I took it to the shop. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TOP TIER. Every time I email them about anything they respond same day and fast. I have needed new spokes, tail light, new charger; All were sent to me super quick and was updated on the tracking info. Now onto the bike itself. I LOVE this bike. I've gotten it to go 34-35 mph when pedaling and goin down a sort of downwards incline. I live in nyc so I don't ever need to go that fast but when I need to keep up with traffic I can do it easily. The seat is nice and squishy. Both rear and front suspension work really well. It took me a while to configure the P settings the way I like it but I've got it down to what I like. I get compliments EVERY time I go out on it because just like me, other people just like what they see when I ride past or just idling. I got the black one even though I initially wanted the green but I 100% prefer the black with grey accents. The only changes I did to this bike as of today is get side mirrors, better derailleur and change the knobby tires to street ones because I just didn't want to hear the roll of the knobby ones anymore; I enjoy the quieter ride. Truthfully, every ride I've gone on has been nice regardless of the tires. It feels sturdy and I fold it all the time and the hinge is holding up nicely. I've only had one flat so far and this was after my change to the street tires. Whether you are cruising or need to get to work on time because you are running a little late, This bike has your back
Small Cons:
Even thought there is Regen, I personally wish it was more than just a 12a battery
The display needs to be brighter
Wish It came with a function brake/tail light that indicates when you are braking

Overall, No regrets on this purchase; I even got a coupon code that saved me a couple hundred bucks. It came fully assembled and has been a joy to own since day 1

Ps: The hydraulic brakes are amazing, no squeaks and no stops fast and smoothly.

chuck markham
Great bike!

Have had it over a year (200 miles) and have had zero issues. High quality bike.

Well done.

Glad I got a hold of your customer service. He’s very helpful
Good producf

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